Tooth pain is cured at home using natural products and over-the-counter medications that are easily accessible. Cold compresses, peppermint, garlic, and a saltwater solution are among the natural treatments for toothaches at home. Toothache is referred to as any pain or discomfort felt in the tooth or mouth from an infection, tooth decay, or nerve irritation. Make an appointment with your dentist for severe tooth pain lasting longer than two days.

How to Ease Tooth Pain Fast At Home?

Home cures for tooth pain are made from ingredients that are readily available. The inflammation and bacteria that are causing your tooth pain are treated by at-home remedies for toothaches.

These are the top 7 home relief tips for your toothache.

  1. Cold compress – Place an ice compress on the toothache area to lessen discomfort and swelling. A cold pack numbs tooth pain by limiting blood vessel flow. Ice compress is applied to the toothache area for 10-15 minutes as needed throughout the day.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide rinse – Hydrogen peroxide works efficiently for toothaches with infection and inflammation. A hydrogen peroxide mouthwash is created by combining water and 3% hydrogen peroxide in equal parts. It is recommended to rinse hydrogen peroxide solution for 30 seconds to treat tooth pain. Children should not use hydrogen peroxide rinse. Children are at risk of ingesting a hydrogen peroxide solution.
  3. Saltwater rinse – Gargling saltwater rinse reduces swelling in toothaches. Food crumbs stuck between the teeth are removed by gargling with saltwater. A saltwater solution is composed of warm water and a half tablespoon of salt.
  4. Garlic – Garlic efficiently relieves toothache by killing dangerous oral bacteria. Garlic eases toothaches by reducing inflammation. Fresh garlic is taken orally or applied crushed on the toothache area.
  5. Clove oil – Clove oil helps to soothe toothaches by numbing the pain. Eugenol, a component of clove oil, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Using a cotton ball with clove oil treats a toothache. Another all-natural remedy for toothaches is to make a mouthwash with water and clove oil.
  6. Peppermint tea bags – Tea bags with peppermint help to relieve gum inflammation brought on by tooth discomfort. Apply a warm peppermint tea bag to the toothache area to bring down swelling.
  7. Vanilla extract – Vanilla extract reduces toothache inflammation. Dab vanilla extract with a clean finger or cotton ball on your toothache until relief is felt.

What are Other Effective Home Remedies for Toothache?

Oral painkillers and over-the-counter goods are effective in treating toothaches at home. A toothache is a pain that affects the tooth and the structures around it. Infection, tooth extraction, decay, and nerve irritation all lead to tooth pain. Get your doctor’s consent before using any home treatments for Toothaches while pregnant.

Does Heat Alleviate a Toothache?

A toothache is relieved by heat following a cold compress application. A hot pack speeds up the blood flow which aids in healing. Avoid heat if you have a toothache that is the result of an infection. Visit your dentist as soon as you can if you have a toothache caused by an infection.

Does Ibuprofen Alleviate a Toothache?

Ibuprofen is an oral pain reliever that is effective for toothaches. Ibuprofen is useful as an overnight pain medication for toothaches.

Does Bonjela Alleviate a Toothache?

Bonjela gel is used to relieve toothache infection and swelling. Apply Bonjela to the gums to alleviate the discomfort and swelling associated with toothaches.

Does Aspirin Alleviate a Toothache?

Aspirin alleviates toothache when taken orally. Aspirin should not be used topically on toothache. Aspirin induces chemical burns when placed directly inside the mouth.

Does Coconut Oil Alleviate a Toothache?

Coconut oil eliminates harmful oral bacteria and reduces the swelling brought on by toothaches. Gargle with coconut oil for 20 minutes then wash with water to relieve tooth pain.

When Should I Set a Dental Appointment for My Toothache?

Set an appointment with a dentist if at-home treatments for toothaches don’t work. A tooth that hurts for more than 2 days needs professional dental care. Your toothache and other Dental Emergency are in good hands with Dr. Amit Shah of Creative Smiles.

Published on August 26, 2022, Updated on August 26, 2022