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What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® are custom, removable clear plastic aligners that can be worn in both the lower and upper jaws to straighten teeth. The aligners are not affixed to your teeth and they can be easily removed for eating, speaking, or brushing. They allow you to drink and eat while facilitating the alignment and straightening of your teeth. We will provide you with a set of clear aligners, which you need to wear for about 2 weeks. The aligners are designed to exert force on your teeth, which makes movement for the correction of teeth underbite, crossbite, and over bite possible. After 2 weeks, your aligners will have served their purpose and they will be replaced with a new set. This way, you will successively wear new sets of aligners every two weeks until your teeth have straightened. The freedom from many orthodontic appointments makes this a preferred mode of aligning crooked teeth. If you’re near Fullerton, CA, make an appointment with us today to get a straighter smile!

Getting Treatment

Invisalign® is much simpler than wearing braces because of the contribution of CAD / CAM software, computer imaging, and equipment. A brief description of the procedure involved in the fabrication of Invisalign clear aligners is given below:

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How clear aligners installed?

The following is how Invisalign is installed, fortunately modern techniques allow for all the steps to be completed in a single visit:

  • Initial Consultation – The consultation has two parts. One of our expert dentists will do an evaluation and exam and determine whether Invisalign® will benefit you, and whether you should be prescribed adult or teen Invisalign®. You will have the chance to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have, eg, price, duration of treatment, and possibility of seeing a simulation of your smile after the treatment.
  • Evaluating your Records – The actual process follows with a discussion about your teeth. The following records are made:
  • Impression and Digitization – We will take accurate impressions of your teeth as they are. This can be done using the impression putty and then digitizing the hardened putty into a computer loaded with special software. A better approach, if facilities are available, is to read off the 3-D optical data directly from your mouth into the computer.
  • Bite registration – We will then make a record of your bite.
  • Dental x-rays – Next we will take X-rays which allows your oral surgeon to assess the jaw bone health and the tooth roots positioning. A panoramic x-ray or a full-mouth series, or both, may be taken.
  • Photographs – Invisalign® requires several patient pictures including front and side photos, front and side close-ups of your smile, and close-up pictures of upper and lower dental arches. All this data along with the dentist’s advice will be sent to the Invisalign® company.
  • Treatment simulation – Staff at Invisalign® technology will generate a simulation showing on screen your teeth through the various stages of realignment. This simulation will be sent back to us for any amendment advice or a final OK by your dentist. You may also be able to see this simulation and the final position of your smile.
  • Manufacture and delivery – Once your dentist has okayed the treatment, your custom aligners will be manufactured using computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). Your aligners will be delivered to you through our dentists.
  • How long they need to be worn – The total duration of treatment depends on your case. In general, the treatment will be around one year to 18 months. Each aligner has to be worn for about two weeks, as many hours through day and night as possible.

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The Invisalign® Advantage

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The Invisalign® system of teeth alignment was invented by an IT engineer who did not care for the excessive number of visits for adjusting the tension in the braces. Invisalign can be for Teens in Fullerton CA.

Here are the benefits of Invisalign®:

  • Invisibility – Being made of clear, medical-grade plastic, the Invisalign® aligners are invisible to the naked eye.
  • Removable – Another advantage of Invisalign is that you can remove the aligners yourself. Removing the aligners is required for eating and cleaning. When you get your new aligners you can put them on yourself. This saves you the time of frequently visiting the dentist (even if he/she is near you) by being able to do it at home.
  • Cleaning – Since the aligners can be removed, they can also be cleaned easily. Therefore, the aligners do not interfere with regular oral health measures such as flossing and brushing.
  • Cheaper than lingual braces – The Invisalign® uses leading-edge technology for treatment planning and manufacture of aligners. It does have a higher cost than the standard braces but is still more affordable than lingual braces.
  • Safety – Braces are made from metallic wires, which may have sharp edges. Invisalign® are made from plastic and have no sharp edges.
  • Reduced Damage to Teeth and Gums – Metal braces may promote demineralization and gum disease due to difficulty in cleaning. Invisalign® poses no such problems.
  • Duration of Treatment – Invisalign® usually takes a significantly lower timeframe to complete the treatment. It is better to have your orthodontist nearby Fullerton for better convenience.
  • You Know What to Expect – With Invisalign® you can preview the outcome in a screen simulation.

How to take Care of Invisalign®

Invisalign® orthodontics system will give you a beautiful smile, provided you take care of them. Else, the aligners can carry bacteria and may cause cavities and gum disease. But the care for the aligners is very simple—just keep your mouth clean and your Invisalign® aligners clean.

The Do’s and Don’ts


  • Clean your Aligners – Regularly remove your aligners and brush them gently. Plaque and dry saliva can breed bacteria. You can soak them in solutions designed for sanitizing the aligners and rinse them clean. You can also wash your aligners in lukewarm water. Never clean them in boiling water, as it can distort their fit and they may not fit in your mouth.
  • Oral Hygiene Maintenance – Brush and floss your teeth every time you want to reinsert your aligners. This will avoid trapping stuff that can cause decay and gum disease.
  • Travel Precautions – When travelling, carry your previous set, and the next set with you. Use one of them in case you lose or damage your current aligner.


  • Foods to Avoid – Do not eat or drink (except water) while you are wearing your aligners.
  • Do not Use Toothpaste on Aligners – Do not use toothpaste to clean your aligners. Many toothpastes have abrasives which can scratch your aligners. Some have whitening chemicals which can color your aligners. Do not leave them exposed while eating, soak them in appropriate solutions.
  • Don’t Drop Them – Invisalign® aligners are relatively fragile, and tend to fracture easily if they are accidentally dropped. Therefore, you should make sure that when you are not wearing them, they are stored at a place where they will not fall. Mouthguards may not be required for Invisalign® aligners as they are removed during sports activities

If you’re nearby Fullerton, come and visit our office in case you have an emergency.

Cost and Financing

The cost of getting Invisalign clear aligners near Fullerton will vary from case to case. A prime factor is the extent of misalignment to be corrected. Generally, the cost of treatment with Invisalign® will lie between $4000 and $8000. At the consultation, we can give you an estimate of what may be the cost of the treatment. Part of the expenses towards getting Invisalign® may be covered under insurance. Some insurance plans cover the Invisalign® treatment like any other orthodontic treatment, eg, braces and insurance. Some insurance plans cover the Invisalign® treatment like any other orthodontic treatment, eg, braces. Visit our practice today if you’re near Fullerton or around the area.

Orange County: Serving the community we love

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Published on January 15, 2019, Updated on March 22, 2022